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Kidamazoo Studios is the Kids Ministry Department at Valley Family Church. Simply put, We Exist so Kids Get It! And we want to help your kids get it as well, which is why we've launched our own Kidamazoo Studios curriculum and this Producers Notes training blog to share some insights about producing successful weekend services, organizing events for kids and families and equipping volunteers. We certainly don’t know everything, but here are some snapshots of what we've learned along the way! 

Not Cut Out For This

Matt Giesow

Do you ever find yourself preparing a message or a lesson that the Lord has put in your heart to share, only to battle with the thoughts of “how do I dumb this down so it’s easy for a child to understand?” If you have ever come from speaking to an older audience, and now find yourself in kid’s ministry, you have probably asked yourself this same question.

This struggle was real for me. I had been serving and speaking in our high school and middle school aged services for roughly 3 years before the Lord moved me to Kids’ Ministry. Most of what I had learned up to that point about what a high schooler thought was “cool” was useless. I now entered elementary land where the kids and attention spans are shorter, candy is like gold, and every kid thinks you are way older than you are! I needed help, and I needed it fast! During my messages, I would panic and think to myself, “This is way over a kid’s head!” or “Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”

But then one day the Lord spoke to me. He said, “Your job is to be My vessel and mouthpiece - My job is to connect the dots for the kids.” Hearing that relieved so much self-inflicted pressure to be the “perfect” kids communicator and just be me. Jesus knew how to speak to kids, and I have Him living on the inside of me! After I received that personal revelation, it seemed like messages came to me so much easier and not only that. I was also seeing major fruit and life change in our kids. Just for the record, I’m not saying it isn't important to know your audience and prepare your message or lesson with them in mind, because you should.  What I am saying is don’t allow yourself to turn your message into something that the Lord never intended it to be. God has you in that position for a reason.

If God has placed you in a specific role that you feel “out of place” in, take it as an opportunity and challenge from the Lord to be stretched in new ways. Remember, God will never appoint you to a specific position or role without anointing you to make an impact there.