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1. How do I get the curriculum? 

Each unit is available for immediate digital download and includes the entire month's curriculum with video supplements starting at the low price of only $79. Everything is semi-editable so you can customize it for your own specific needs. 

2. Is kidamzaoo studios a video curriculum? 

You can either host a live drama using the scripts we provide in conjunction with your team of volunteers OR you can use our pre-recorded video curriculum and sermons. 

3. I want to be able to edit the curriculum, can I do that? 

All of our curriculum is semi-editable so that you can adjust the verbiage and/or graphics to meet your specific needs. 

4. How many volunteers do i need to implement the curriculum? 

Only two volunteers are needed when you opt to use the video supplements. 

5. How does the disciplr platform work?

Disciplr is a web based platform that helps provide curriculum users with the tools they need to do what they do best: lead and teach! Disciplr connects your volunteers to their lessons and helps you save time through streamlined lesson planning. 

Features of Disciplr include:

  • Access to digital lesson materials that enable volunteers to teach from their tablets or smart phones in real time.
  • The ability to stream curriculum related media directly from either hand held devices or desktop computers. This function makes incorporating video and graphics easy for even those who have limited knowledge of technology.
  • Disciplr-cloud access that keeps all downloadable/printable materials at your fingertips. Curriculum users don't have to worry about memory or storage issues...Disciplr handles that for you!
  • Flexible lesson scheduling which provide leaders the opportunity to assign curriculum and connect the right teachers to the right lessons.
  • Unlimited teacher accounts.
  • Simplified account management and billing features.

Disciplr is easy to use and gives volunteers the flexibility to leverage technology in a way that makes sense while providing maximum impact to those they teach.

6. My church doesn't have 250+ kids in it. Can I still use Kidamazoo Studios curriculum? 

Of course. Our motto is "big or small - studios for all." We realize that there are a lot of churches of varying size, so we've been intentional about developing curriculum that any church can use. We provide a lot of the "extras" like graphics, videos, etc. but not all of these elements need to be used. You can pick and choose which portions of the curriculum work best with your weekend order of service. 

7. What are some of the topics that are covered in the Kidamazoo Studios curriculum? 

Each month or unit of curriculum is focused on a topic - otherwise known as the "Close Up." We have a collection of units available for purchase but some of our main topics have included: Faith, Relationships, Fruit of the Spirit, Honor, and Thanksgiving.