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Kidamazoo Studios

2500 Vincent Ave | Kalamazoo, MI 49024 | 269.324.5599

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2500 Vincent Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49024
United States


Meet the Team



Hailing from the great state of Michigan, the Kidamazoo Studios team is comprised of some of the most forward-thinking, innovative, creative and awesome individuals you'll meet. You can read about us below and we shamelessly encourage you to follow us on social media because we think we're pretty witty.

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Richard Pilger

Richard is the brains behind the operation and oversees quality control. When he's not downing Starbucks and planning his next beach vacation, you can find him developing strategies and initiatives to further enhance Kidamazoo Studios curriculum and resources. 

Twitter: @RICHARDPKzoo

Insta: @RICHARDPKzoo


Tori Pilger

The second member of the dynamic Pilger-duo, Tori, is a writing wonder and creative genius. She can type over 140 words per minute and you may even see sparks emit from the keyboard as she translates her creative ideas into written curriculum. Tori oversees curriculum and resource development.

Twitter: @TORIPKzoo

Insta: @TORIPKzoo

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Amy roseboom

Customer Service

Twitter: @amyroseboom

Insta: @aroseboom


Camden Pilger

Video & Graphics

Twitter: @CAMDENPKzoo

Insta: @CAMDENPKzoo