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Series Synopsis: In this series, we will explain what evangelism means to a child, how to share your faith with your friends, and why God wants us to do it in the first place. 

Close Up: Sharing the Good News with those you don't know.

Memory Verse: Mark 16:15 - Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.



Week 1 | Logan & Lily | God's not asking you, He's telling you!

This week in the Brooks household, Mom and Dad are gone but left Logan and Lily a list of chores to do while they are gone. Logan convinces Lily that they have all night to get stuff done, so why not have a little fun first? Will Logan and Lily get everything done before Mom and Dad come home, or will they end up grounded? 

Week 2 | Beached | God gives you the words to say!

This week on the island, Alvin gets the radio working so Piper can listen to Entertainment Today to catch up on all that's been going on in Hollywood. The radio announcer mentions that famous actor, Stephen Stallone, has gone missing and was last known to be flying in his private jet over some remote islands. Meanwhile, the groups' basket of fruit goes missing. Is it possible that someone else might be on the island? 

Week 3 | Outta the Box | There is power in your story!

This week on the set of Outta the Box, Mama sends Blake and Georgio to the warehouse to find her favorite pizza sauce stirring spoon. While looking through boxes, the two stumble upon a dusty diary. They find out that the diary belongs to Bianca and holds some of her deepest secrets. 

Week 4 | Logan & Lily | People must know!

This week on the set of Logan & Lily, one of Logan's classmates lost his grandmother and is pretty shaken up about it. He makes the comment that he wishes death wasn't so final. When Logan tells Lily about the situation, Lily encourages him to share the Good News about Heaven and Jesus with his classmate. Will Logan be bold and talk about the saving power of Jesus with those at school? 

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  • Kidamazoo Studios Countdown Clock
  • Logan & Lily Roll-in Video 
  • Beached Roll-in Video
  • Outta the Box Roll-in Video
  • Bucket Wars Instruction Sheet
  • Bucket Wars Graphic
  • Logan & Lily Backdrop Artwork
  • Beached Backdrop Artwork
  • Outta the Box Backdrop Artwork

The Encore Items are downloadable from a Kidamazoo Studios flash drive that will be shipped directly to you for the low price of $99! Buy the Encore Items once and use them over and over with each unit. If you have purchased an Affiliate Kit, all of the elements in the Encore Items are included.

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