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Each unit consists of 4 weeks worth of curriculum and includes the following:

  • 4 Opening and Closing Sketches
  • 4 Drama Episodes 
  • 4 Sermons with Object Lessons 
  • 4 Large Group Games
  • 4 "Parent Script" Take Home Papers
  • Semi-Editable Master Art for the Following Graphics
    • 1 Close Up Graphic (Unit Topic) 
    • 4 Final Cut Graphics (Weekly Takeaways) 
    • 1 Memory Verse Graphic
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Series Synopsis: In Him realities are promises that the Bible give us as we trust in Him. Through this series the kids will learn that because of what Jesus did, I am a whole new person when I find myself In Him! 

Close Up: I am who the Bible says I am.

Memory Verse: Acts 17:28 - For in Him we live and move and have our being.



Week 1 | Outta the Box | Faith comes by God's Word!

In this episode, Blake gets the crazy idea to try and buy more faith after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. Figuring that he can use all the faiht he can get, Blake falls for the scame only to realize that the way faith comes is through hearing God's Word.

Week 2 | Logan & Lily | Faith speaks God's Word!

This week, Lily's friend Hannah receives some bad news form the doctor that could affect her health. Lily helps Hannah to realize that no matter what the doctor's report is, Hannah can use her faith and speak the Word of God over her situation.

Week 3 | Beached | Faith takes God at His Word!

In this episode, we learn how the castaways got stranded on the island in the first place. In a state of panic, the characters come to the realization that in order to survive their time on the island, they're going to have to learn how to take God at His Word. 

Week 4 | Outta the Box | Faith is the cray way!

On the set of Giovanni's, Georgio's longtime friend Sunny Slater comes to visit. Sunny has been off traveling the world since becoming a world famous surfer but while his life is filled with all the world can offer, he finds himself lonely and unhappy. Georgio shares that while he's been riding the crazy wave of success, true happiness can only be found living the crazy life of faith

Encore Items


To fully benefit from the contents of this curriculum, we highly recommend that you include the Encore Items with your order. This one-time purchase will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck with each curriculum unit and enable you to take advantage of these must have resources:

  • Kidamazoo Studios Countdown Clock
  • Logan & Lily Roll-in Video 
  • Beached Roll-in Video
  • Outta the Box Roll-in Video
  • Bucket Wars Instruction Sheet
  • Bucket Wars Graphic
  • Logan & Lily Backdrop Artwork
  • Beached Backdrop Artwork
  • Outta the Box Backdrop Artwork

The Encore Items are downloadable from a Kidamazoo Studios flash drive that will be shipped directly to you for the low price of $99! Buy the Encore Items once and use them over and over with each unit. If you have purchased an Affiliate Kit, all of the elements in the Encore Items are included.

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