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PLEASE NOTE: This unit is available on a USB drive instead of digital download.

Each unit consists of 4 weeks worth of curriculum and includes the following:

  • 4 Opening and Closing Sketches
  • 4 Drama Episodes 
  • 4 Sermons with Object Lessons 
  • 4 Large Group Games
  • 4 "Parent Script" Take Home Papers
  • Semi-Editable Master Art for the Following Graphics
    • 1 Close Up Graphic (Unit Topic) 
    • 4 Final Cut Graphics (Weekly Takeaways) 
    • 1 Memory Verse Graphic
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Series Synopsis: In this series, we learn that Jesus was the best story-teller that ever lived. As we take an up close look at some of the stories Jesus told and their meanings, the kids will understand how those stories relate to their lives today.

Close Up: Stories Jesus told to help make the Bible easy to understand.

Memory Verse: Matthew 13:34 - Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd In parables.



Week 1 | Logan & Lily | I am good ground!

The Brooks family is headed to the great outdoors for a family camping trip! The kids can’t believe there isn’t going to be any electricity. Dad whips up another one of his science lessons teaching how the kind of ground and soil you pitch your tent on is so important whether that tent will stand or not! Join us as the family learns about the parable of the sower!

Week 2 | Outta the Box | I am a good son/daughter!

This week, the pizzeria is a mess due to a new employee named Randolph. Randolph has been slacking a lot on the job and Mama is tired of it. Meanwhile, Blake has his first missing persons case. How are the two stories connected? Join us as we learn about the story of the prodigal son!

Week 3 | Logan & Lily | I am a good investment!

This week on the set, Logan, Lily, and Dad all have very important things to prepare for. Logan has a test, Lily has a tennis tournament, and Dad has a very important presentation at work. Everyone seems to understand the importance of putting in time and effort on the front end to see a reward except Logan. Instead of studying, he just continues to play video games. This is a perfect time for Logan to learn about the parable of the talents!

Week 4 | Beached | I am found!

On the island this week, the gang finds lots of stuff washed up on the shoreline after a recent storm. Alvin ends up finding a big turtle on the beach that he names Toby. When the group splits up to go to the spa, Alvin comes up missing! They all are able to learn a very important lesson about the parable of the lost sheep!


Encore Items


To fully benefit from the contents of this curriculum, we highly recommend that you include the Encore Items with your order. This one-time purchase will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck with each curriculum unit and enable you to take advantage of these must have resources:

  • Kidamazoo Studios Countdown Clock
  • Logan & Lily Roll-in Video 
  • Beached Roll-in Video
  • Outta the Box Roll-in Video
  • Bucket Wars Instruction Sheet
  • Bucket Wars Graphic
  • Logan & Lily Backdrop Artwork
  • Beached Backdrop Artwork
  • Outta the Box Backdrop Artwork

The Encore Items are downloadable from a Kidamazoo Studios flash drive that will be shipped directly to you for the low price of $99! Buy the Encore Items once and use them over and over with each unit. If you have purchased an Affiliate Kit, all of the elements in the Encore Items are included.

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