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Our Story




At Valley Family Church, we have spent over two decades helping kids in Southwest Michigan connect with God and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Reaching kids and helping them “get it” has been one of our major priorities. We have learned a few things along the way—things that worked and things that didn’t work. While we don’t claim to have perfected the “secret sauce” for kids ministry, we have created a kids church curriculum that we are confident is engaging, relevant and producing lasting fruit in this generation of kids. That's why we are excited to introduce you to "Kidamazoo Studios"!


Have you spent hours searching for a curriculum that was the right fit? Something that was cutting-edge, current and connected with today’s kids? A curriculum that didn’t water things down so much that the point was lost? Material that communicated the Scriptures in an age-appropriate way? Something that you didn’t have to spend your entire week rewriting? A curriculum that was entertaining, inspiring and held the attention of kids from age six through age eleven? Material where the timeless truths of the Bible were taught in a way where kids could actually remember what they learned in church? A curriculum that was flexible, easy to use, editable and had video supplements? If you answered yes, you’re probably a lot like us because that was our desire too!


This is exactly how our story began and this uncompromising search for the perfect curriculum is what led us to create Kidamazoo Studios. We realize that there’s no curriculum that’s an exact fit for every ministry; however, Kidamazoo Studios has been intentionally designed so that churches of any size in any part of the world can benefit from the easy-to-customize format. Our goal with Kidamazoo Studios is to give you the tools that will enable you to do what you do best - empower volunteers, impact families and minister to kids!


In November 2015, we partnered with David C. Cook Publishing to offer all of our curriculum via digital download using their new platform, Disciplr. For more information and to see all of the curriculum units available on Disciplr, check out this link: fun on our site, check out the latest curriculum, and don't hesitate to connect with us if you want to learn more! For more information on Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, click here.